High quality software for agriculture

without compromise


We want to develop the best possible agricultural apps and web applications. In order to achieve this, we are totally committed to agriculture.

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We like to do things properly

When we talk about relentless focus on agriculture, we mean it. We only accept orders that are related to an agricultural issue. Then we put our heart and soul into it.


We know agriculture and IT

Which farmer is also a programmer? Which IT person has a farm at home? Our concept is this: we have a farm at home: We leave the agro-technical expertise to the farmers and at the same time train them so that they can translate agricultural topics into the IT language. We leave the programming to the IT specialists and at the same time train them so that they are also familiar with the agricultural world. The result is a well-coordinated project team that handles your topics professionally, efficiently and reliably.

We pull the strings

Farmer, industry, consultants, associations - agricultural processes often involve many people from different sectors. It is therefore important to act transparently, otherwise costly misunderstandings are inevitable. Thanks to our agricultural and IT expertise, we are able to coordinate all parties involved in a project and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

We know how the wind blows

The problems in the agricultural sector are often similar. Through our experience with various agricultural projects we have already mastered numerous challenges. We are happy to pass on our expertise to you - this saves time and money on both sides.

Simplicity is the key

Whether from a PC, tablet or smartphone - modern applications today have to be programmed in such a way that they function across platforms and can be accessed everywhere. That's why we build hybrid apps. Advantage: The application is written in only one programming language and runs on several devices. For example, this would look like this:

  • Admin interface as web app for the browser
  • Android app in the Google Play Store for the farmer
  • iOS app in the App Store for the farmer

We plan ahead

When developing your web application or app, we already think ahead today. Should a new way of using the Internet emerge, we can quickly and easily create an additional interface for this medium which can access the same background functionality as the previous application.

We provide stability

Crop failure? African swine fever? Drought? Farmers must always be prepared for the unexpected and manage with foresight. Here at Greif Solutions, we also want to guarantee our employees a safe workplace and be a reliable partner for our customers. To this end, we hold funds for expenses such as wages and other liabilities for six months at a time. This financial range ensures that things always run smoothly, even in difficult times.